Upcoming Webinars

No new webinars are scheduled right now. If you would like a webinar on a particular topic, please contact us with your idea.


Past Webinars

Introduction to Herdly
Recorded April 23, 2019—59 minutes

If you'd like to learn about Herdly this webinar is for you. We show you how to install Herdly on your computer and phone. We also give you an overview of Herdly, highlighting all the main features.


Setting Up Your Ranch
Recorded May 7, 2019—1 hour 14 minutes

You’ve installed Herdly and created an account for your ranch. Now you’re ready to set your ranch up and start entering cattle. In this webinar we walk through the setup process in detail, showing how different setup options affect how you use Herdly.


Herdly Fundamentals
Recorded May 21, 2019—1 hour 20 minutes

In this webinar we dive into many areas of using Herdly on a day to day basis. Searching for cattle, making changes with actions, printing, and much more.



Herdly Tips and Tricks
Recorded June 5, 2019—1 hour

There are lots of little things you can do to use Herdly more efficiently. This webinar covers a number of tips and tricks, from basic to advanced, that will help you use Herdly better.