Tired of Pen and Paper Records?

Live Dashboards

Always know how your ranch is doing with over 100 live reports in the Dashboard.

Detailed Animal History

Years worth of information about each animal is available in the animal history. Quickly jump to different areas of the history.

Advanced Filtering for Data Mining

Mining years worth of data is possible in Herdly through advanced filtering capabilities. Animal data can be exported to Excel or other spreadsheets for further analysis.

Individuals and Groups

In Herdly, everything happens to individual animals. But that doesn't mean you have to enter information one animal at a time. Moving animals, administering drugs, weaning, and much more can easily be done with multiple animals all in one action, saving you time and frustration.

Deep CCIA Integration

If you happen to ranch in Canada we've got your CCIA events covered. Automatically created and submitted as you add new calves, move animals, replace tags, etc. Herdly will take care of the whole process, even notifying you if there were any CCIA processing errors.

Photos of Your Cattle

Take pictures of your cattle right from within Herdly on mobile devices. You can have pictures of an animal at different stages of its life. Especially helpful when treating animals.

Diagnosis, Treat, and Track Drugs

Record diagnosis and related treatment events for sick animals. Track every drug or implant administered each animal. Withdrawals are calculated automatically.

More Features

Multiple Ranches

Work on a ranch, but have your own herd at home? With Herdly you can have multiple ranches on a device and easily switch between them as needed.

Unlimited Devices

There is no limit to the number of devices your ranch can be on. Each family member and employee can use Herdly on a mobile device or computer. There is even a way to remotely wipe a device's data in case it is stolen or lost.

Breed Compositions

Track an animal's breed composition to the thousandth of a percent if you want. Herdly automatically calculates a calf's breed composition based on the sire and dam.

Custom Groups

Create and maintain an unlimited number of custom groups. Then easily work with a group in Herdly.

Cloud Backup and Syncing

All information is available when you're offline. Herdly will sync your changes when you have internet access again. Lose your device? No problem. Just get a new one and sync all your data from the cloud.

Great Documentation

We've built great documentation to help you get up to speed with Herdly. Lots of videos, screenshots, and details. It's even searchable.

Lots of Information

Herdly can store hundreds of pieces of information about each animal, allowing you to be as detailed as you want (for example, see here). You can keep your full herd history for as many years as you like.

New Features Each Year

Herdly has lots of great features, but we aren't stopping here. We'll continue to add new features each year for many years to come.