Privacy Policy

Herdly is owned, operated, and maintained by Synergy Farm Solutions Inc. We respect your right to privacy and share your concern about the security of your ranch data when using Herdly.

Information you enter in Herdly will be securely stored on our servers. The purpose for this is to allow syncing of your ranch data among the devices you authorize and to provide a backup of your ranch data in the event that you lose all your devices. We do not mine, sell, or give away your data unless legally required by law enforcement. We use modern security measures to protect collected data, and limit access to only those employees who require it to perform their jobs.

All of your ranch data is on each device you have authorized for Herdly. If needed, you can remotely wipe your ranch data from a device. To learn how, see Devices.

In the event you are not able to log in to Herdly on any of your devices, you can request a temporary login code. However, we will not give out a temporary login code until we have independently verified who you are by phoning the phone number associated with your ranch or sending an email to the address associated with your ranch.

We use the email addresses associated with your ranch and each user to provide you with important information regarding your Herdly ranch account and updates to Herdly. We are careful to limit email only to what is necessary. If you no longer wish to receive emails from us, you can remove your email address from the ranch and user settings window. Emails are sent using Campaign Monitor.

When you use the referral code given to you by another ranch, we send them a thank you email which mentions the name of your ranch.

In the event of a crash, some of your system data may be collected by a third-party service (HockeyApp) in order to help us understand the nature of the crash, leading to a better product.

If you enter your CCIA account credentials and ask Herdly to submit CCIA events, pertinent information will be sent to CCIA on your behalf.

We do not collect or store your credit card number, expiration date, or CVC code. When you add funds to your account, your credit card details are routed directly to our credit card processor (Stripe) and are not stored on any of our servers, even temporarily.

When handling support requests from you, we collect your email address and any information you provide voluntarily (such as logs or other diagnostic information). This information is collected solely to help resolve your support inquiry. We retain support emails indefinitely in order to have context from previous interactions which may help us answer your future questions more quickly and to identify broad trends in support requests, which may help us identify and solve problems with Herdly.

In short, we do everything we can to keep your ranch data private and secure.