Simple Straight Forward Pricing

$5.00/month + 0.15¢/head/day
(And we'll waive the $5.00 when you have 500 or more current animals.)

Price Estimator


Approximate average monthly price based on 25 cows, 1 bull, and 25 calves held for 170 days.

When Do I Pay?

Herdly maintains a running account balance which you can add to any time you want. Want to pay monthly? No problem. Prefer to pay yearly? Go for it. We'll deduct $5.00 from your balance on the first day of each month (this doesn't apply if you have 500 or more current animals). Then, on every day of the month we deduct 0.15¢ (that's $0.0015) for each animal currently in your herd (these are live animals—historical animals in Herdly are free). Which means the amount you pay will vary throughout the year as your inventory changes. When your balance gets close to zero, we'll email you a reminder to top up your balance.

What Happens if My Balance Goes Below Zero?

You can still use Herdly to view information about your animals and run reports, but you won't be able to add new information or edit existing information. Herdly continues to deduct from your account balance. To have full use of Herdly, simply bring your balance above zero again.

How Long Can I Leave My Balance Below Zero?

If your account balance stays below zero for 12 months, you'll be notified that you need to regain a positive balance or your ranch will be removed from our servers. If the account balance is still zero after a couple weeks we will have to, regretfully, delete your ranch.

Is There a Free Trial Period?

You can use a demo ranch when you first use Herdly. It comes with several years of history so you can get a good sense of how Herdly works. The only limitations are that a demo ranch cannot be synced to other devices and you can only add or edit 10 animals.

Then, when you create your own ranch in Herdly you will have a free 30 day trial period. There are no limitations during this time.

What About Educational Pricing?

If you're a student or faculty member in an agriculture program at a college or university, you can use Herdly free of charge for up to four years. To enroll in this program, first create a Herdly ranch account. Then create a support ticket and include your ranch ID, the name of your school, and a bit about the program you are in. If your family has a ranch at home and hasn't used Herdly before, we’ll extend up to one year free of charge to them as well. Just include their ranch ID and details in your support ticket.

Does your school have its own herd? Herdly is offered free of charge for schools to manage their own herd. Use the same mechanism explained above to request this offer.