Support Policy

Email customer support is available if you have questions about using Herdly, want to request a new feature, or if you have a bug to report. We encourage you to search our documentation for answers before creating a support ticket.

How To Get Support

To get support, create a support ticket. Please make sure the information you enter, especially your email address, is accurate so we can respond to you. If you already have a ranch in Herdly, entering your ranch ID can often help us provide a faster response.

Response Time

We respond to all support tickets within two business days.

Support Limitations

Please be aware that we are unable to provide support to customers in the following cases:

  • Abusive behavior. We will always treat our customers with respect. We will not respond to people or customers that threaten, abuse, or defame our staff in any way.
  • Unsupported computers and operating systems. If a device does not meet the minimum requirements as noted on our Downloads page, we are unable to offer support for that device.
  • External issues. If the root of the issue is external to Herdly, we may not be able to help you and you may need the assistance of an IT professional.