Herdly Pricing Adjustments

We are pleased to announce that, effective immediately, Herdly’s pricing has been adjusted. In short, Herdly just became more affordable for ranches of any size.

Previous to this, it cost $5.00/month plus $0.0033/head/day to use Herdly. The pricing scheme (explained on our Pricing page) remains the same, but with the following changes:

  • We have reduced the per head day price from $0.0033 to $0.0015.
  • We will waive the $5.00/month fee for herds of 500 or more current animals.

All other aspects of pricing remain the same.

You may be asking why we changed our pricing already. Herdly is a brand new app and we have learned a lot in the past year, including from discussions with ranchers. As we discussed pricing, our two main concerns were:

  • Herdly needs to offer value to customers so they save and earn more than it costs when using it. Hopefully lots more.
  • Herdly needs to generate enough revenue to pay expenses and justify continued development for years to come.

With nearly a year gone since we originally announced pricing, we feel these adjustments offer the correct balance between these concerns.

If you haven’t tried Herdly yet, we invite you to download it and try a demo ranch. When you’re ready to create your own ranch account, please keep in mind this must be first be done on a computer. Thereafter you can add your ranch account to mobile devices and other computers.

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