Herdly 1.8 Release Notes

This update focuses on features which deepen Herdly's integration with CCIA for Canadian producers.

New Features and Changes

  • The CCIA section of the Ranch Settings window on a computer has been greatly enhanced, making it simpler to set up your CCIA account credentials in Herdly and ensure they are entered correctly. Changes include:
    • Dealing with your CCIA password is more straight forward than it was before.
    • The Check Account Status button is far more useful and will let you know precisely what is wrong if something isn't set up correctly.
    • Herdly shows a list of your premise IDs which are associated with CCIA. These can be dragged onto your locations to associate a premise ID with each one.
  • There is a new setting in the CCIA section of the Ranch Settings window which makes it so you can give permission to Herdly to automatically submit CCIA events as they are created. It is off by default, but when you turn it on, newly created events (whether they are created automatically or manually) will be submitted automatically to CCIA on the next sync. No need to manually do this using the CCIA Events window anymore.
  • The CCIA Events window has been enhanced with these features:
    • It is now easier to see how many events are currently assigned each status and watch them flow through the submission process. This is accomplished with a new list on the left side of the screen which can be used to view events with a particular status or to see how many events are in each status.
    • The search field can be used to search across additional columns including the event type and transaction ID.
  • Herdly now handles additional CCIA event fields, such as vehicle ID, that may be required in proposed legislation for tracing cattle movements. These fields are handled automatically where possible. They show up in the New Animal action, Move Animals action, Remove From Herd action, and the New CCIA Event action.
  • The CCIA event inspector will now show the additional data being sent to CCIA.
  • Events uploaded to CCIA now have a more precise event date which includes the time of the event. Along with this, the New CCIA Event action lets you set the time of the event along with the date.
  • The New Animal action will now trigger the creation of a CCIA event if the newly created animal has an RFID tag and a location with a premise ID.
  • Herdly makes additional checks before creating a CCIA move in event when saving a Move Animals action. A move in event will not be created if this is a historical move or if you aren't moving the animal between locations with the same premise ID.
  • The Locations window now shows the CCIA premise ID associated with the selected location, making it easier to look up a premise ID if you need to give it to someone.
  • When the Choose Animal window was used on a computer to choose a sire, an exposure bull, a dam, etc., it could be difficult to find the animal you wanted because calves were listed among the adult animals. We've made a change so that this window automatically restricts the list of animals to those with a classification of either "Cow" or "Bull", depending on the context. A similar change to the default filter was made on the phone or tablet.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that was causing CCIA exported events to not process correctly.
  • There were some issues with the font and with text being cut off in the Dashboard window on macOS Catalina. This is fixed.
  • Herdly gets its list of drugs from the Compendium of Veterinary Products. A few of these drugs do not have a defined withdrawal period. A bug caused animals given these drugs to have weird withdrawal dates far into the future. This has been fixed. We also added a feature on the computer (Animals list > Utilities) for forcing Herdly to recalculate withdrawal times for selected animals which you should run if you have any animals with incorrect withdrawal times as a result of this bug. You should only need to run this utility once.