Herdly 1.9 Release Notes

New Features

  • Introduction of the Bulk Edit Animals action which makes it possible to change information about an animal for multiple animals at the same time. The following fields can be bulk edited (now that the infrastructure is in place, we will add more fields to this list in future versions).
    • Tag Color
    • Brand
    • Brand Location
    • Freeze Brand
    • Freeze Brand Location
    • Tattoo
    • Tattoo Location
    • Alternate Tattoo
    • Alternate Tattoo Location
    • Private Herd Number
    • Private Herd Number Location
    • OCV Tattoo
    • OCV Tag
    • Status
    • Dehorn Date
    • Castrate Date
    • Branding Date
    • Attributes
    • Color
    • Breed
    • Horn Status
  • Added the Dehorn Date, Castrate Date, and Branding Date fields to the Animal History action.

Bug Fixes

  • The Dehorn Date, Castrate Date, and Branding Date fields were in the wrong section in the Animal Edit action. They have been moved to the Status section.
  • If a cow's breeding stage was already set to Pregnant or Exposed when the Add to Breeding Pool action was used, the breeding stage will no longer forcibly be set to Open.
  • The Edit Preg Check Event action was not updating the cow's breeding stage as it should have. It will now update it to Pregnant or Open if the cow is current, the preg check event being edited is the most recent one, and the cow hasn't had a calf since the preg check event.