Herdly 1.7 Release Notes

We're happy to get a couple new features in this release to help with calving season.


  • Herdly will now try to detect if you have the wrong default calving year when using the New Calf action and offer to automatically update it for you. This will save having to remember to update this manually each year. Please see New Calf for details.
  • To move pairs in Herdly, you had to make sure both the dam and the calf were selected. No more! This version introduces a feature in the Move Animals action where Herdly will automatically move calves with their mothers, even if they aren't selected. Please see Move Animals for details.
  • We made some small internal adjustments to ensure that sending CCIA events continues to work for Canadian ranchers. These adjustments were required by changes on CCIA servers.

Bug Fixes

  • If you were running iOS 13 on a phone or tablet and tried using an edit type action from within the Animal History screen, you might not have been able to save the changes. This is fixed.
  • Those running macOS Catalina may have noticed some text getting clipped in some of the windows. This is also fixed.