Herdly 1.5.5 Release Notes

This is a small update to fix a few bugs and update the list of drugs that can be administered to cattle.


  • The list of drugs administered to cattle has been updated.
  • Previous to this version, there was a feature in Herdly where you could shake your phone to send the support team debugging information in order to track down an issue. We've changed this slightly by adding a confirmation dialog so that this information isn't sent when the phone is accidentally shaken.

Bug Fixes

  • It was possible to enter a birth date for a calf that was in the future on the computer. This is fixed.
  • It was not possible to re-arrange the order of dashboards on the computer in the Customize Dashboards window. This is fixed.
  • There was a very rare syncing issue where a piece of information wasn't sent correctly to the server resulting in errors that we had to manually fix before Herdly could be used anymore. This is fixed.
  • Fixed a small display issue on the phone where the Count By Location dashboard sometimes cut off part of a location.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred on certain phones when switching between keyboards where the switch button disappeared.