Herdly 1.5.3 Release Notes

This update contains some important bug fixes. We've also updated the list of breeds in Herdly.

New Features

  • The list of breeds has been updated to match the latest NAAB uniform breed codes list. The necessary changes were:
    • Added the Girolando (GO) breed.
    • Changed Red & White (WW) to Red & White Holstein (WW).
    • Changed European Red Dairy (RE) to International Red Dairy (RE).
    • Added the Aberdeen (Lowline) (LO) breed.
    • Added the Canchim (CC) breed.
    • Added the Caracu (CR) breed.
    • Added the Fleckvieh (FL) breed.
    • Added the Miniature Zebu (MZ) breed.
    • Changed the Normande breed’s code from NM to NO.
    • Added the White Angus (Ona) (WA) breed.
    • We also added a breed that isn't currently in the NAAB list: Speckle Park (hSP).

Mobile Device Bug Fixes

  • We finally squashed a long standing bug where certain kinds of changes to the Animals list screen could cause Herdly to crash.
  • There was an issue which caused problems when a location or group that was part of a filter was archived which is fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where some fields were not sorting correctly in the Animals list.

Mac/Windows Bug Fixes

  • It was possible to inadvertently change the selection in the Animals List if you double-clicked instead of single-clicked when selecting an action. This could lead to working with the wrong animal or sync errors. Fixed.
  • Dragging and dropping items in the View window to rearrange the columns of the Animal List was not working on Windows. This is fixed.
  • An error related to SVG rendering sometimes occurred when Herdly was first launched. This is fixed now.