Herdly 1.3 Release Notes

New Features

  • On mobile devices, dashboard graphs will be shown full screen (with their values) when you can tap on them. Once in full screen mode, you can view other graphs by swiping left or right. Or tap on the grid button in the upper left of the screen to view all your graphs at once. Tapping one of the graphs shows it full screen again. See Dashboards for more information.
  • The dashboard graphs on mobile devices have been tweaked a bit so they are easier to read.
  • The Billing section of the Ranch Settings window on computers now allows you to manage your Herdly ranch account including making payments, printing receipts, etc. See the Billing section in Ranch Setup for more information.
  • We now offer a Refer a Ranch program where you and the ranch you refer can both get 30 days free. On the computer, go to File > Refer A Ranch Program... for details and your referral code. See Refer a Ranch Program for more information.