Herdly 1.2 Release Notes

New Features

  • Over 100 ranch values and metrics, most in graph form, are available in the new Dashboard area available on both computers and mobile devices. You have the ability to customize which items are shown and what order they are shown in and they update live as you make changes to your herd in Herdly. Please see Dashboards for more information.
  • The Gestation Calculator is now available on mobile devices.
  • Besides the regular data export available from the Animal List window on computers, we now give you the ability to export all of your data from Herdly. No need to feel locked in to our software if you decide to change in the future. See Full Export for more information.
  • The date picker on mobile devices has been enhanced so that you can easily change the date and time portions of a field separately, making it much faster to choose a date that is a long ways away from the current date.
  • We've added a new section to the Ranch Settings window called Exposure Dates which give you a place to override Herdly's internal calculations related to first exposure and first calving date for a particular year. See Ranch Setup for more information.


  • The Arrival Type field is no longer allowed to be left blank. Upon upgrading, Herdly will intelligently fill in this field for an animals where it is currently blank. In most cases this field is automatically set anyway, so this shouldn't cause any more work.
  • When automatically creating exposures during a Move Animals action, cows that are pregnant or not officially in the breeding pool are not included.
  • When calculating birth, weaning, or yearling weight ratios, the dam must have a fairly current weight which we define as a weight taken within +/- 400 days of the event.

Bug Fixes

  • There was a visual issue with keyboards on the iPhone X which is fixed now.

Getting the Most Out of Herdly

Now that the foundation of Herdly has been rounded out, we've been able to determine which fields are necessary to use if you want to get the most out of using Herdly. We've tried really hard to make it so that you aren't forced to enter very much information about each animal and, in fact, the management tag is basically the only field where you must enter something. But for Herdly to calculate all the information now available in the dashboards, there are certain fields that need to be used. We strongly recommend that you read the Important Fields section of Field Descriptions to learn which fields are strongly recommended to use. Typical Cow Life Cycle is also helpful to understand because, if it is used, Herdly can automatically fill in most of these fields.