Herdly 1.0.3 Release Notes

The mobile version of Herdly gets the biggest new feature in this version with advanced filters. Many of our customers want to sort their list of animals on their phone in other ways besides the tag number. They also want to filter the list on more fields than those given among the common filters. In this version you get all of that. Tap the Filter button on your phone and you'll find that the filter functionality is on par with the Mac and Windows versions—no small feat!

There are a few more changes as well as some bug fixes as listed below.

Mobile Changes

  • The Animal list filter feature has been dramatically enhanced so that it is now on par with the desktop version, bringing multi-level sorting and advanced filtering to the phone.
  • You will now find a gear button in the middle of the toolbar which remembers the last five actions you used, providing a shortcut to often used actions and speeding you up.
  • When you long-press on an animal, you now get the option of making sure it is the only animal selected in the list. This can be really useful when you want to perform an action on an animal and then realize that there is still another animal, maybe not even visible in the list without scrolling, that is still selected. Just long-press the animal and all others will be deselected without having to scroll.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Herdly to crash when trying to display a location without a label.
  • Fixed a handful of other small bugs including some related specifically to the iPad.

Desktop Changes

  • When you close the Animal List window, Herdly will remember the current workspace on that computer and automatically use it the next time you open the window.
  • In the Filter window, Herdly now shows you how many filters are being applied to the animal list in the tab bar. For example, if you have 3 advanced filters active, the Advanced tab will have "(3)" with it. This is helpful so you can see at a glance whether there are some active filters affecting the list that you weren't aware of.
  • A new "Reset Filters" button has been added to the Filter window which gives you a quick way of clearing out all custom filters so you can view the default list of animals or start a new filter.
  • In the Workspace window a new button labeled "Load Default Workspace" was added. It simply finds the default workspace and loads it into the window which can save time looking for the default workspace. We also added a new shortcut in the Animal List window. If you want to load the default workspace, Option-click (Mac) or Alt-click (Windows) the Workspace button and the default workspace will immediately be loaded into the window.
  • On Windows, Herdly is now correctly code signed so no one should get scary warnings about it when first downloading and installing it anymore.
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly allowed a location with a blank label to be created.
  • Fixed a bug that allows multiple ranches to be created for the same person by accident.
  • Fixed a bug in the Ranch Settings window where it wasn't possible to choose the default color in the Defaults section.
  • Fixed a bug where if an animal was added to a particular group and then removed from that group, it couldn't be added to the same group again. Now and animal can be added and removed from the same group as many times as needed.