Herdly 1.0.1 Release Notes

This version is only available for mobile devices and fixes several bugs:

  • Fixed an issue where photos sometimes didn't load properly
  • Fixed an issue where it sometimes wasn't possible to send debug logs or app data
  • In the animal history, an animal without a withdrawal date was shown as if it had a withdrawal, but with a null date. This is fixed.
  • In the animal history, the birth type field wasn't showing correctly. This is fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where moving an animal when no locations existed crashed the app.
  • Fixed a bug where Herdly allowed an animal to be its own parent
  • The permissions for creating a New Diagnosis Event was not working correctly. This is fixed.
  • Made subtle changes in the Sync Settings screen to bring it more in line with the documentation.

One small feature was added:

  • A link to our documentation was added in the Settings screen