Watch this video or read the text below to learn about drug pricing.

Herdly comes with a pre-defined list of drugs that is updated from time to time in new versions of Herdly. There are two parts to setting up drugs. First, use the Ranch Settings window on the computer to show Herdly which drugs are the ones you commonly use (see Ranch Setup for more information). Second, you'll want to apply your own pricing to the drugs you use so Herdly can report your drug costs correctly. Drug pricing can be done on a computer or mobile device. On a computer, go to Setup > Drugs to open the Drugs window.

On the left of this window is a list of drugs showing their current pricing. You can use the search field and the Filter field at the top to narrow the list of drugs down. To update the price of a drug, select it in the list and then enter the price in the Price Per Unit field. The new price will be saved as soon as you select another drug or close the window.

Please note that the price is per unit. For example, if you had a 100 ml bottle that cost $10.00, the price per unit would be $0.10. Herdly can save you from doing the math if you use the price calculator at the bottom right of the screen. With a drug selected, enter the number of units purchased and the total price and then click the Set Price button. Herdly will make the calculation and fill in the Price Per Unit field.

When Herdly calculates dollar amounts for drugs given to animals, it always uses the current pricing at the moment it does the calculating so remember to update this information as it changes throughout the year.

To work with drug pricing on a mobile device go to Ranch > Drugs.

This screen will show your list of drugs. Similar to the computer, there is a search field and a Filters button at the top which can be used to narrow down the list of drugs.

To change the price of a drug, tap it and the pricing fields will be shown. Your mobile device can also be used to calculate the price as explained above. Tap the Save button to save the new price.