Working With Multiple Ranches

With Herdly you can work with multiple ranches on the same device, switching between them as needed. For example, maybe you work on a large ranch but have a few head yourself that you'd like to keep track of. Or perhaps you are a consultant that needs access to several ranch's data (assuming they give you a user account, of course). In any case, adding more ranches to Herdly is straight-forward.

On the Computer

To switch ranches on the computer, go to File > Switch Ranches... which opens the Ranch Switcher window.

This window will list any ranches (besides the current ranch) that are available on this computer and let you know the last time Herdly was launched with each ranch on this computer. To switch to different ranch, double-click it or select it and click the Switch To Ranch button. Herdly will relaunch itself with the selected ranch as the current ranch so you can log in and use it.

To add a new ranch, click the Add Ranch button. Herdly will relaunch as if it were a new install and you will have the choice between logging into an existing ranch or creating a new ranch (see Creating a Ranch).

To remove a ranch from your computer, select it and click the Remove Ranch button. This only removes the ranch from this computer. It will still be available on other devices you have the ranch on and on the cloud server.

On a Mobile Device

We don't set any limitations for how many ranches you can have on a mobile device, but keep in mind that each ranch will take up space on the device. If you have a large ranch or lots of ranches, make sure your device capacity is large enough.

To switch ranches on your mobile device, go to Settings > Switch Ranch. The current ranch will be shown at the top of the screen and any other ranches on the device in the list below.

To switch to another ranch, select it and tap the Switch button. To add a ranch, tap the + button and then enter the ranch ID and your account credentials for that ranch. To remove a ranch from the device, swipe it left in the list and tap Delete. As with the computer, this only removes the ranch data from your device. It does not remove it from other devices or from the cloud server.

Syncing Multiple Ranches

Automatic syncing only happens for the current ranch. Keep in mind that there is a limit to how long you can go without syncing a ranch without being forced to do a full sync (see Syncing). This applies when you have multiple ranches. To avoid this issue, occasionally switch to each ranch to allow a sync.