Watch this video or read the text below to learn how upgrading Herdly works.

We are actively working on Herdly by adding new features and fixing bugs, so it is important for you to always have the latest version of Herdly installed. In some cases older versions of Herdly will not be able to sync until they are upgraded. Upgrading works a bit differently on the computer and a mobile device.

Upgrading on the Computer

If internet is available when you launch Herdly, it will check to see if a new version is available and notify you if there is. The best course of action is to have Herdly immediately download the new version and upgrade, even before you log in.

Herdly also checks for a new version periodically throughout the day. If it finds one, it will download the new version in the background. Once that is complete, Herdly will notify you of the new version and give you the chance to install it right away which is recommended.

You can manually check to see if there is a new version by going to File > Check For Updates....

However you start the upgrade, the actual process will be the same. Once the new version is downloaded, Herdly will quit and then the new version will relaunch. It sometimes takes a few seconds for the new version to launch, so be patient if it appears nothing is happening during this time.

Upgrading on a Mobile Device

Upgrading on a mobile device is handled by the App Store. Depending on your settings, new updates may automatically be installed during the night. You can always go to the App Store app and manually update Herdly in the Updates tab.