Gestation Calculator

The Gestation Calculator is available on both computers and mobile devices and can be used to plan when to turn out or pull your bulls.

On Computers

You can get to the Gestation Calculator window on a computer by going to Tools > Gestation Calculator.

Change the date in the Enter a Date field and the date on each side of it will immediately be recalculated. The one on the right shows when a cow would calve if she were bred on the entered date. The one on the left shows the conception date if a calf was born on the entered date.

By default, Herdly uses a gestation length of 283 days, but you can adjust this in the calculator if you want.

On Mobile Devices

To open the calculator on mobile devices, make sure you are in the Dashboard tab, tap Tools and then choose Gestation Calculator. It works the same was as on the computer with a date in the middle that you can change and dates above and below that are 283 days apart.