Full Export

We believe that software companies should not try to keep their customers by holding customer's data hostage. To that end we have provided the ability to do a full export of your ranch data.

To export all of your data, go to Tools > Full Export... which opens the Full Export window. Note that this can only be done on a computer and requires the logged in user to be an admin.

Click the ... button if you want to choose a different folder to export your data into. You'll be able to select a different folder or create a new folder. When you click Export, a folder named "Herdly Full Export" will be created inside the folder you selected. If this folder already exists, it will be replaced. Your ranch's data will then be exported into the Herdly Full Export folder.

The export files are in JSON format which makes it easier for other applications to import your data. The Herdly Full Export folder will also contain a file called README.txt which give additional information about the exported data.

Please note that a full export is only useful if you need to export all of your data in order to import it into another application. If you are trying to export a subset of your data to, for example, work with it in a spreadsheet, please see Exporting Data.