Watch this video or read the text below to learn about workspaces in Herdly.

As you perform different tasks in the animal list, you'll find that you need to show different columns and apply filters to help you with the task. You may even need to open a child list and set it up in a certain way. If you perform the same task from time to time, it would be nice to have Herdly memorize your setup. In fact, this is what a workspace does.

When you create a workspace, the following information is memorized:

  • Which columns are showing in the list
  • The order and width of each column
  • The current sort order
  • The filter setup.
  • If a child list is open, which child list it is and the column and filter setup for it.

Herdly comes with a few built in workspaces and you can create your own. Workspaces you create will be synced to other computers on your ranch so everyone on your ranch can use them.

Loading a Workspace

To use a workspace, click the Workspace button which opens the Workspaces window. In the Load Workspace tab there will be a list of available workspaces. Workspaces with a green circle in the Herdly column are built-in workspaces. Any others are ones specific to your ranch.

If you have a lot of workspaces, you can use the search field to quickly find the one you are looking for. To use a workspace either double-click it or select it and click the Done button. The workspace will then be loaded into the window. You can also click the Load Default Workspace button to automatically find and load a default workspace that is built into Herdly. Option-clicking (Mac) or Alt-clicking (Windows) the Workspace button in the Animal List window also loads the default workspace, but without having to open the Workspace window.

Once a workspace has been loaded in the window, Herdly doesn't remember which workspace it was. You are free to change the view, filter, and child list without affecting the original workspace.

Creating a Workspace

To create a workspace, first set up the Animal List window the way you want. Then open the Workspaces window by clicking the Workspace button and click on the Save Current Workspace tab. At the top of the window is a Save As Name field. When you click the Save button, the workspace will be saved under whatever name you have in this field. You can enter a new name directly to create a new workspace. If you are updating an existing workspace, selecting it in the list below will fill the Save As Name field with the name of the selected workspace.

When you click Save, the workspace will be created. If a workspace by that name already exists, you'll be asked if you want to overwrite it.

Managing Workspaces

You can remove and rename workspaces by selecting the Manage Workspaces tab.

To rename a workspace, select it and then change the name using the Workspace Name field on the right. If you want to delete a workspace, select it and then click the - button. Note that you can only rename and delete ranch workspaces. Built in workspaces cannot be edited.