The Utilities button offers tools that might occasionally need to be run. They will force a fresh recalculation on several values for each animal. Normally Herdly keeps these values up to date automatically, so if you find you need to use these tools please contact us so we can look into the issue. It is probably a bug that needs to be fixed in most cases.

Following are the utilities that can be run on a selection of animals:

  • Recalculate Withdrawals. This utility will recalculate the withdrawal time associated with each drug event for the selected animals and then update the overall withdrawal time for each selected animal. It also checks the animals last treatment date, is in treatment, diagnosis count, and treatment count fields to make sure they are correct. One legitimate reason to run this utility would be if withdrawal times for a drug changed between Herdly versions.
  • Recalculate Weights and Ratios. This utility recalculates the birth weight ratio, age of dam at birth, adjusted birth weight, average daily gain at weaning, weaning weight ratio, adjusted weaning weight, average daily gain as a yearling, adjusted yearling weight, and yearling weight ratio fields.
  • Recalculate Current Attributes. This utility analyzes the attribute history of each selected animal and makes sure its current attribute values (weight, hip height, frame score, body condition score, udder suspension score, teat size score, temperament docility score, temperament pen score, claw set score, foot angle score, rear legs side view score, rear legs hind view score, pelvic area, and scrotal circumference) reflect the most recent attribute entry.
  • Recalculate Performance. This utility recalculates all the performance fields for the selected animals. These fields include number of calvings, total calves born, calves born alive, average calf birth weight, average calf adjusted birth weight, average calving ease score, calving interval, average calving interval, calves weaned, average wean weight, average adjusted wean weight, average wean weight ratio, calves held as yearlings, average yearling weight, and average adjusted yearling weight.
  • Recalculate Breeding and Calving Dates. Recalculates the following fields for selected animals: date of last calf, last preg check date, last preg check result, first breeding date, last breeding date, first possible calving date, last possible calving date, and projected calving date.
  • Recalculate Current Location. Ensures that the current location and date entered location fields for selected animals are correct, based on movement events.
  • Recalculate Calving Order of Calves. In this utility, select the dam's you want updated. It will then update the sibling count and calving number for each of the dam's calves.