You can print from the Animal List window on the computer, either from the main list or from a child list. When printing from a list, Herdly will print the data just like you see it in the list—each column in the order you see them and with the width you give it and each row in their order. This means that you should set up the view and filter for the list before printing. It is helpful to use workspaces for this if you plan on printing a certain type of report multiple times.

To print the list, click the Print button for the list you want to export. You'll first see the printing dialog and then thePrint window.

In the top portion of the window, choose which records to print:

  • Selected Records. If you have selected certain records in the list, choose this option. Only those records will be printed.
  • Displayed Records. If you want all the records currently displayed in the list to be printed, select this option.

In the middle portion of the window, enter the report title. It defaults to "Animal List", but you can change it to whatever you want. This will be printed on the first page in the main header and then on subsequent pages in the small header. If you enter a really long title, the font size will automatically be adjusted so the entire title can fit.

In the bottom portion of the window, choose what additional options to affect how the report is printed. Of course, it is possible to have more columns showing in the Animal List window than will fit on a page, but Herdly will print as many as possible, even going to the right edge of the paper if necessary. At the bottom of this section Herdly will indicate what percentage of the columns will fit within the defined margins with the current setup. As you change the margins, orientation, and font size, this percentage will change, thus showing you what is needed to print as many columns as necessary.

  • Margins. Change values in this section to affect the page margins. Keep in mind that Herdly will print past the right margin if it can't fit all the columns in the defined space.
    • Units. You can enter the margins using inches or centimeters.
    • Top. The top page margin.
    • Bottom. The bottom page margin.
    • Left. The left page margin.
    • Right. The right page margin.
  • Other Options. Changing these values can help you get more columns to print on a page..
    • Orientation. Changing the orientation of the page can override the orientation selected in the printer dialog.
    • Font Size. The text printed in the report table will be this size. The smaller the size, the more will print. Herdly reduces the column width dynamically to match the width you've set in the window, but at the new font size the best it can.

When you are ready, click the Print button and the report will be built and sent to the printer.