Remove From Group Action

Watch this video to get a brief overview of the Remove From Group action. The text below goes into more detail.

This action is used to remove animals from a group.

Starting the Action

This action can be used on both computers and mobile devices. To learn how to start an action, please see Actions.

First select the animals you want removed from a group. Then you can start this action. It will only be available if at least one animal is selected.

On mobile devices, the Remove From Group action is found under the Actions tool bar item.

Action Fields

All of this action's fields are listed below. If any are required to have a value, that is noted. If there is any special information about the field that you need to know for this action, it is also noted.

  • Group. Required.

Use the Save button to save your information. The selected animals will be removed from the group. If any of the animals were not already part of that group, no change will be made for them.