Remove From Breeding Pool Action

Watch this video to get a brief overview of the Remove From Breeding Pool action. The text below goes into more detail.

Use this action to remove animals from the breeding pool. It can be used on multiple animals at the same time.

If you use the Remove From Herd or Record Death action on an animal that is currently in the breeding pool, Herdly will automatically remove the animal from the breeding herd if this hasn't already been done and guess at the exit reason, so you don't always have to use this action when an animal is sold or dies unless you want to be more specific about the exit reason.

Starting the Action

This action can be used on both computers and mobile devices. To learn how to start an action, please see Actions.

First select the animals you are removing from the breeding pool in the list. This is often easiest when you use a filter first. Then you can start this action. It will only be available if at least one animal is selected. Also, all selected animals must currently have a breeding stage and none of the breeding stage values can be Removed.

On mobile devices, the Remove From Breeding Pool action is found under the Stages tool bar item.

Action Fields

All of this action's fields are listed below. If any are required to have a value, that is noted. If there is any special information about the field that you need to know for this action, it is also noted. More general information about all of the fields can be found in the Field Descriptions topic.

  • Remove From Breeding Pool.
    • Exit Date. Required.
    • Exit Weight.
    • Weight Type.
    • Exit Reason.

When you have finished filling in the fields in this action, use the Save button to save your information. The breeding pool information for each selected animal will be updated. In addition, the animals' breeding stage will be set to Removed.

If you made a mistake when using this action, you can correct it with the Edit Animal action.