New Exposure Event Action

This action is used to record an exposure event for a cow. It can be used for multiple cows at once.

This action works fine to manually create an exposure record for a cow, but the preferred way in most cases is to allow Herdly to deal with exposures automatically when you move cattle using the Move Animals action.

Starting the Action

This action can be used on both computers and mobile devices. To learn how to start an action, please see Actions.

First select the cows that were exposed to a bull. Then you can start this action. It will only be available if one or more animals are selected. All selected animal must be females.

On mobile devices, the New Exposure Event action is found under the Events tool bar item.

Action Fields

All of this action's fields are listed below. If any are required to have a value, that is noted. If there is any special information about the field that you need to know for this action, it is also noted. More general information about all of the fields can be found in the Field Descriptions topic.

  • Exposure Event.
    • Bull. Required.
    • Begin Date. Required.
    • End Date. This date usually starts out blank and is filled in later on when the bull is pulled.
  • Exposure Note.

When you have finished filling in the fields in this action, use the Save button to save your information. An exposure record will be created for each animal and any related information for the animal will be updated.

If you make a mistake in this event, use the Exposure Events child list on the computer to edit or delete the event. On a mobile device, you can edit or delete it by using the edit button next to the event in the Animal History action.