New Attributes Action

Watch this video to get a brief overview of the New Attributes action. The text below goes into more detail.

With Herdly you can store attributes such as weight, hip height, frame score, and scrotal circumference for each animal. In fact, Herdly will remember how these attributes change over time. The New Attributes action is where you enter new values for attributes.

Starting the Action

This action can be used on both computers and mobile devices. To learn how to start an action, please see Actions.

Exactly one animal must be selected in the animal list before this action can be used.

On mobile devices, the New Attributes action is found under the Animal tool bar item.

Action Fields

All of this action's fields are listed below. If any are required to have a value, that is noted. If there is any special information about the field that you need to know for this action, it is also noted. More general information about all of the fields can be found in the Field Descriptions topic.

You only have to enter a value for one of the attributes, but you can enter a value for multiple attributes if you want. When you save the action, attributes that don't have a value will be ignored.

  • Attribute Changes.
    • Measurement Date. Required.
    • Weight.
    • Hip Height.
    • Frame Score.
    • Body Condition Score.
    • Udder Score.
    • Teat Size Score.
    • Docility Score.
    • Pen Score.
    • Claw Set Score.
    • Foot Angle Score.
    • Rear Legs Side Score.
    • Rear Legs Hind Score.
    • Pelvic Area.
    • Scrotal Circumference.
  • Change Note.

When you use the Save button, Herdly will create an attribute history record for each value you entered, each with the date and note you entered. It then updates the current attributes for the animal.

If you made a mistake when using this action, you can correct it on a computer by opening the Attribute History child list and then using the Edit Attribute action. On a mobile device, you can correct it by using the edit button next to the attribute in the Animal History action.