Bulk Edit Animals Action

Many actions in Herdly can be used with multiple animals selected, but there are some things that can only be later changed one animal at a time using the Edit Animal action. The Bulk Edit Animals action overcomes that limitation by making is possible to change this kind of information for multiple animals at the same time. It is a two step process where you first choose the field you want to bulk edit and then enter data into that field and save it.

Initially this action supports the bulk edit of 19 fields. We will add more fields in subsequent versions.

Starting the Action

This action can be used on both computers and mobile devices. To learn how to start an action, please see Actions.

First, find and select the animals in the animal list. Then you can start this action. If will only be available if at least one animal is selected.

On mobile devices, the Bulk Edit Animals action is found under the Actions tool bar item. In both cases the first thing you will need to do is choose the field you want to edit from the provided list. If you want to edit more than one field, use the action multiple times.

Once you have chosen a field, it will appear. Enter the data that you wanted then click the Save button. Herdly will change that field for every selected animal. Note that this cannot be undone!

If you leave a field empty, when you save the action Herdly will set that field to be blank for the selected animals. This is helpful when, for example, you need to clear out a field that was accidentally used for a bunch of animals.


Action Fields

The possible fields in this action are listed below. If any are required to have a value, that is noted. If there is any special information about the field that you need to know for this action, it is also noted. More general information about all of the fields can be found in the Field Descriptions topic.

  • Identification. (Only the fields that you have turned on in the Ranch Settings window will show up in this section.)
    • Tag Color.
    • Brand.
    • Brand Location.
    • Freeze Brand.
    • Freeze Brand Location.
    • Tattoo.
    • Tattoo Location.
    • Alternate Tattoo.
    • Alternate Tattoo Location.
    • Private Herd Number.
    • Private Herd Number Location.
    • OCV Tattoo.
    • OCV Tag.
  • Status.
    • Dehorn Date.
    • Castrate Date.
    • Branding Date.
  • Attributes.
    • Color.
    • Breed.
    • Horn Status.