Animal History Action

Watch this video to get a brief overview of the Animal History action. The text below goes into more detail.

The Animal History action is used to view all of the information Herdly has about an animal. It is also the primary way to edit events related to an animal (ex. notes, drug events, and preg check events) on mobile devices.

Starting the Action

This action can be used on both computers and mobile devices. To learn how to start an action, please see Actions.

On a computer, you can either double-click an animal in the animal list or choose the Animal History action. On a mobile device, tap the i button on the right side of the animal's cell. Animal History is also available from other areas in Herdly, usually by tapping or clicking an i button next to an animal.

Navigating the History

At the top of the action is a menu bar which you can use to quickly jump to a particular part of the history. Doing this (or tapping or clicking the pin button in a section header) also "pins" the section. This will be remembered as long as the Animal History action is open on the computer and for longer on the phone. When another animal is selected, its history will automatically scroll to the pinned section.

You can also collapse and expand sections and this will remembered during the session.

If you find the information too small on your mobile device, you can pinch to zoom like in a web browser. You can also turn the device sideways to landscape mode to make the text bigger.

Edit On Mobile Devices

May things like notes, drug events, and preg check events can be edited or deleted on the computer through child lists. Most mobile device screens are too small to have a good child list functionality. Instead, when you are viewing the Animal History action on mobile devices, these events will have an edit button beside them. Tap these buttons to edit or delete events.