Herdly 1.8 Released

Improved CCIA Setup Experience

We’ve just released a new version of Herdly and are excited about how the new features can help ranchers. This release focuses on deepening integration with CCIA for Canadian ranchers. Setting up your CCIA account in Herdly is a vastly improved experience where you will be guided through each step to make sure it is done correctly. Herdly even pulls down your premise IDs from CCIA so that associating them with your Herdly locations is as simple as dragging and dropping.

Automatically Submit CCIA Events

Prior to this version you could set Herdly up to automatically create CCIA events. This was great because you could just record you normal calving, moving, and other actions and Herdly would handle the CCIA related things in the background without you worrying about them. However, it was still up to you to decide when to submit these events. In this version we’ve added another option where you can ask Herdly to automatically submit CCIA events as well. With both options on, CCIA events are fully and automatically handled by Herdly.

Ready For Proposed Legislation Changes

You are probably aware of the proposed traceability legislation which may come into affect this fall and which would affect the amount of information that would be required to submit to CCIA, especially when purchasing and selling cattle. This version of Herdly deepens the integration with CCIA in ways that make it easy to fulfill these requirements. This includes new places where CCIA events are automatically created and new fields, such as vehicle ID, which you can utilize.

And More

There is more. Bug fixes and some other smaller features. Please find the details in the Herdly 1.8 release notes. We hope you enjoy using this version!

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