Herdly 1.5.2 Released

We released a minor update of Herdly yesterday. This update fixed a small bug that made it impossible to log out or quit Herdly while the Refer a Ranch window was open. More importantly, there is now a mechanism for controlling which types of emails you want to receive from us. When you double-click a user in the Users window you will see a new Email Options tab where each user can decide which types of email they are interested in receiving from us.

Now that this is in place we feel we can begin a series of educational articles to help everyone learn more about Herdly. We anticipate a few posts each month. They will be posted right here on our blog. Feel free to subscribe to our RSS feed if you use an RSS reader. We’ll also tweet about each new article so you can follow our twitter feed if you want. Finally, we’ll send an email to notify you of the new post. So if you will already be notified via the RSS feed or Twitter, you many not want the email as well. In that case, you can use the new feature in this version to opt out of educational emails.

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