Herdly 1.5 Released

Herdly 1.5 was released today, bringing a significant and often asked for feature—support for more RFID readers. Previous to this version Herdly worked well with a prototype reader created by the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association that isn’t yet commercially available. This version extends support to many readers available on the market, making it very easy to work with RFID tagged animals.

Here are the readers that are supported:

  • Allflex RS420
  • Allflex LPR
  • Tru-Test SRS2
  • Tru-Test XRS2
  • All readers with a serial port if you purchase a BlueSnap Smart Bluetooth adapter.
  • The CCA prototype reader (not commercially available).

Once Herdly knows the RFID tag of each animal, you no longer need to read muddy tags to look animals up. Simply scan their RFID tag and Herdly immediately preselects them in the list of animals, ready to perform any action you want or simply look at their history.

If you already own an RFID reader, but it isn’t listed above, it will likely work with the BlueSnap Smart Bluetooth adapter. It just needs a serial port and most readers have one.

This update is just for mobile devices. However, we silently released Herdly 1.4 several weeks ago which was an update for both mobile devices and computers. If you are already using Herdly, it didn’t add anything new. But it made it possible for newcomers to play with a demo ranch to learn how Herdly works before committing to using it.

To learn more about using an RFID reader with Herdly, please visit Using an RFID Reader.

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